Factors why you really believe in god

Factors why you really believe in god

The challenge would be to come to Church, but to come and go through the whole thing we call Church. I challenge them to come Sunday night and morning, for two solid months. To listen and think about and ask questions. You find that the Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I think that if a man or woman is actually hearing the Word of God, religion will blossom in their spirit. For the few who have taken me up on the challenge it is been successful. I have had a few atheists really take up the challenge. Each of them is now a believer. In actuality, one is currently my Youth Pastor. When I first met him we argued a bit about the presence of God. Neither of us made much headway. So I challenged him to come and give it a legitimate attempt.

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That is where all Christians become true believers. Sooner or later you need to think in God to your own reasons not because your parents do or your pastor does. When a person lives the principles of the Bible everything afterward changes. I have watched it happen. I know that it happens. So if you are wondering how to find out if God exists or not, you can. Find a good Bible believing Church and start to live the truths and principles which are taught from God’s Word. Seeing for yourself how the principles work in your life and how they change your thinking makes it possible to develop faith over a really short time period. You will start to see the hand of God and the evidence of God all around you. I cannot go without a day, apparently, Without God demonstrating His presence to me in some unusual and very real way.

Anyone who experiences this knows there is a God. However, it is not something I can move through words. This guide would not change anybody’s opinion. But if you are an atheist and you are sincere in your willingness to at least give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised. Many atheists still would not take the challenge. I cannot do anything about that. However, it will give me the high ground. If they would not really try it, they cannot argue against it. There are three primary reasons why a nonbeliever would not take the challenge is God real. They live a certain way, are comfortable with that lifestyle and they know that if they came to Christ that lifestyle is going to be challenged. They do not want their world shaken up.


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